Found in an old bakcpakc
I found an old parking ticket, im pretty sure that ive paid it. but it got me thinking about how many people probably see this persons initial. I mean, this person might easily write hundreds of tickets a month. something about that feels really eerie.

October 21st

I walked by some crumpled up pieces of paper in someone’s lawn this morning. I was going to pick them but I didn’t. I found two other pieces of litter a block away. I picked those up and brought them home. I haven’t unfolded them yet, they’re just sitting on my kitchen table. I don’t know what I’m afraid of finding. I’ll open them tomorrow I’m sure. yeah, tomorrow.


My name is Ruby, and this blog is here to showcase poetry in places that you wouldn’t expect to find poetry. The emphasis is on finding words, wherever they might occur and then finding security in the artifacts people leave behind.